No One Told Me Blogs Were Supposed To Make Sense..

Anyway, I'm Julian, from Australia and this is just a blog of things that entertain me. Peace out


uh… world? you gotta work with me here.

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Some people love to shut down people who talk about trans and intersex issues by saying that they’re “only 1% of the population” and thus can be ignored since they “aren’t statistically significant enough.”

By that logic, we can now systematically ignore:

  • Redheads
  • The entire state of Rhode Island
  • Anyone who makes over $500,000 a year
  • Pacific Islanders
  • Australia

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Ash was so underrated why he was perfect

I will sing my praise of Ash until the entire fandom remembers him

I miss that redneck, geeky bastard

this is seriously one of my favorite scenes because its so simple and funny. its just so direct and quick and i love ash

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Animals that are really awesome.

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hispanic parents have a sixth sense

#i cant stop watching this vine it’s so well done it deserves an oscar


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me:forgets i'm wearing eyeliner
me:rubs eyelid
me:who the hell is bucky


gay marriage is only legal in 18 countries but being gay is a crime in 83 countries like i’d literally be breaking the law just by LIVING in 83 countries in the world but yeah go on tell me again how “homophobia isn’t even a big deal anymore” thanks

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